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Главная » 2011 » Ноябрь » 29 » Английский, группа Дроздович
Английский, группа Дроздович
Два сообщения, которые мне прислала Дроздович:

1.Высылаю вам информацию по поводу написания очерка о 13 декабре.
В следующем письме высылаю информацию о написании очерков и разыгрывании планшетника. Наталия Юрьевна
Who are the people living in Ukraine today?
Rich/ poor? Urban/ rural? Farmer/ professor? Ukrainian/ Russian? Old/young? Traditional/ modern? East/ West?
What separates them? And, perhaps more importantly, what brings them together?
This project aims to create an opportunity for intra-cultural and international awareness of Ukraine and Ukrainians, to strengthen the practice of writing in an engaging way, to utilize the English language as a tool to enhance understanding-- especially among speakers of different languages, and to offer a voice to all individuals and cultures within Ukraine.
This project is, in part, a contest, but the general idea is to involve as many people as possible living in all parts of Ukraine: children, students, teachers, pensioners, businesspeople, farmers, cooks, secretaries, Peace Corps Volunteers...
The idea is simple: each participant sits down and writes about his or her experience on December 13, 2011: work, study, travel, chores, food, friends, family, and more. This text may take any form-- an essay, a letter, a poem, etc-- but its contents must be true and the original work of the author.
Participants will then submit their work by December 19 to the email address adayinthelifeofukraine@gmail.com. All participating authors will receive electronic certificates, and selected works will be posted online and those authors recognized. Pending funding, a print version may also be developed.
Interested? Send an email with any questions, and check the website for more details, suggestions, and updated information as the date approaches. This is a great activity to do with English clubs, classes, colleagues, friends..
Join us, across the country, as we celebrate A Day in the Life of Ukraine: 13/12/11

Please tell your students to go to the following website to login and write a 30 minute essay. They will automatically be entered into a draw to win an Ipad. They can write more than one essay if they wish and have more chances to win! We are seeking essays from learners of all levels.


Please ask them to enter your name and institution when they login and then you will also be in the draw.

Teacher: Nataliia Drozdovych

Institution: NTUU
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